Demetra Hotel Rome
Demetra Hotel Rome

Hotel rome near colosseum

Hotel Rome near the Colosseum, a voyage into history

The Demetra, Hotel in Rome near the Colosseum, is modern, fully-functional structure that is perfect for your vacations in the city.

Our 4 stars Hotel is just two kilometers away from one of the Ancient World's seven wonders, often considered as Rome's greatest landmark.

The Colosseum can be easily reached by foot, a nice walk shrouded by the authentic atmosphere that only Rome is able to provide.

It is the largest amphitheater in the planet, capable of harboring 75 000 people, and the most majestic Roman monument that is still standing to this day.

Built during the Flavian Dinasty, construction work went on through the empires of Vespasian, Titus and Domitian.

It is part of UNESCO's Heritage Sites since 1980.

Up to the fifth century, it was used to host gladiatorial matches, spectacles involving animals or condemned outlaws being put to death with wild beasts, public reenactments of famous battles and renowned classic dramas.

Guests at our welcoming Hotel near the Viminale may get there in a few minutes while walking and admiring the nearby streets and squares.

A unique way of immersing oneself into the local colors and enjoy some lovely weather.