Demetra Hotel Rome
Demetra Hotel Rome

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Demonstrations in Rome today, outstanding experiences

Demonstrations in Rome today and other great events.

Follow the 4 stars Hotel near the Viminale, the Demetra, through some of the most fascinating appointments in the Eternal City that our staff will wisely reccomend for you.

Our modern, refined structure is located in a privileged site, close to important monuments and historical landmarks, where numerous demonstrations take place.

This way, guests can easily reach the location chosen by political parties and associations.

There are also major sportive demonstrations at the Circus Maximum and the Olympic Stadium, just a few minutes away.

Piazza di Porta San Giovanni is the center of one of the greatest demonstrations in Rome that happens each year: the May 1st concert, organized by worker syndicates.

Squares and streets are taken by storm for doing ongoing backgrounds for pacific manifestations, protests, alternative and cultural pieces.

Let us not forget the countless buildings, Villas and gardens used for hosting conferences, seminars and debates.