Demetra Hotel Rome
Demetra Hotel Rome

4 Stars Hotel Rome Wifi

4 Stars Hotel in Rome with Wifi for free

4 stars Hotel in Rome with WiFi connection included in the fee.

This is one of the complimentary services that the 4 stars venue Demetra offers to its guests, who will be able to browse with ease during their sojourn.

There is also an internet point that will enable you to communicate with family, friends and colleagues in peace and quiet.

Complete wireless coverage in the common areas allow people to move into the bar and reading hall, the lounge or the 4 stars bedrooms. Access to the web is guaranteed at our Hotel in Rome.

WiFi is available in every room of this structure near the Santa Maria Maggiore Cathedral, one of four pontifical churches that will certainly astonish visitors.

An essential 4 stars service to stay connected with the world, reaching out and working.

Customers travelling for work reasons may carry on business as usual while staying out of the office.

Adults and children can benefit from the local network to better plan holiday activities, to relax by watching a movie or an amusing cartoon.

This way, you can use the WiFi, make reservations, find out about city events, large concerts and demonstrations, the finest restaurants, pubs, discotheques and clubs to enjoy the nightlife in good company.