Demetra Hotel Rome
Demetra Hotel Rome

Concerts Rome

Concerts in Rome, amazing events

Concerts in Rome, dates and events to remember.

The Demetra, 4 stars Hotel near the Viminale is the ideal destination for all music enthusiasts who will get the chance to stay at a modern, comfortable structure, located at a short distance from the sites that host the best concerts.
A vast, diverse program that will leave you speechless and satisfy millions of fans, willing to travel miles in order to listen to their favorite bands.
You can reach these musical temples with ease: Circus Maximus, Piazza di Porta San Giovanni, the Olympic Stadium, the Rock 'n' Roll Arena, the Atlantic.

A special mention goes to the May 1st concert, created in 1990 that nowadays has gained a cult following and features lots of surprises and great artists.